1" x 12" Poplar Dowel Rods

1" x 12" Poplar Dowel Rods

Sold in lots of 25 pcs.

Dowels subject to 1/8” scant length.

These are cut to order, all sales are final, no returns.

Discounts on multiples of the lot size.:
1lot$31.88/ per lot 
2-4lots$29.38/ per lotsave7.84%
5-9lots$28.13/ per lotsave11.76%
10-24lots$26.56/ per lotsave16.69%
25or more lots$25.00/ per lotsave21.58%
    • 10% off
    $31.88save $3.19
  • $28.69
    • SKU
      PD-1000/12 x25
    • Weight
      7.5 lbs

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